Best Employment ServicesWhat is the Community Employment Service?

Our Community Employment Service is an employment assistance program where we work together to find you a great job.  You are ready to work, and we are here to help you make positive connections in our community which will lead to long term paid employment.

Download our Community Employment Service Handbook for more information or please feel free to contact us on our Contact Page.

Depending on your life experiences, you may need to take part in unpaid Work Experience at a local business, Training Programs provided by us, or Work Place Assessments in the community, which will give you more hirable skills and lead you to paid employment in the type of job you are looking for.

Community Employment Service Goals:

  • To provide supports that will lead to opportunities for people to demonstrate their skills in the job pursuit of their choice.
  • To provide supports and services that will assist in the promotion of inclusive hiring practices and increase employment opportunities for people with DiverseAbilities.