Self Advocate Liaison Project

The primary focus of VICC’s Self Advocate Liaison Project is to promote employment. VICC’s  Self Advocate works in the community to promote self advocacy skills and voice issues that are important to people with DiverseAbilities.

In this video, meet Sherwin, VICC’s Self Advocate, and hear about some of the work he has been doing in BC:

Sherwin has created a newsletter, the Inclusion News, containing information on important issues, events, and ideas.  Access copies of the Inclusion News here.

Objectives of the Self Advocate Liaison Project:

  • To work in collaboration with the local employment leads to increase employment in this region.
  • To promote employment and activities involved in transition from high school to employment in the community.
  • To increase and support understanding and options for employment amongst self advocates.
  • To promote hiring of people with DiverseAbilities in the community.

Community Development and Resource Role of the Self Advocate Liaison:

  • To work with other self advocates to enhance knowledge and skills for self advocacy.
  • To engage in community development activities aimed to increase independent living knowledge and skills.
  • To be a member of community groups such as the Comox Valley Accessibility Committee to increase
    community understanding of issues important to self advocates.

Activities for the Self Advocate Liaison:

  • Committee work – Committee involvement  includes Inclusion BC, CLBC Provincial Aboriginal
    Advisory Committee, CAEP Courtenay,  and Comox Valley Accessibility Committee.
  • Presentations –  Give talks and presentations on various topics related to self-advocacy within the local
    community as well as elsewhere in BC.
  • Newsletter – Develop and distribute a newsletter. Include information on topics of
    interest to people with diverseabilities, local events, and employment information.
  • Job Club – Work in partnership with VICC staff to develop a monthly event with self
    advocates interested in gaining employment related information and skills.

You can find out more information by visiting these websites:

Inclusion BC

Self Advocate Website